Water Elephant is a convenience store for health, hydration and community.

Quick and healthy. A neighborhood alternative to the big chain stores.

Water Elephant has everything from pure water, ice and teas to wholesome snacks, gourmet coffee and baked goods. For home or on the run, stock up or get it on the go. We’re not just a water store. We’re a hub.

Coffee & Baked Goods
New Austin Concept

Q: How Do You Feed a Water Elephant? A: Invest in its Growth.

Convenient Locations

An oasis near you. Multiple Austin locations announced soon.

Hydration Depot

Stay hydrated in the Texas heat while biking and exercising.

Home Delivery

Forget the traffic. Online home delivery checkout coming soon.

Pure Water

“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” -Toni Morrison

Welcome to Water Elephant


Globally-Sourced Teas

Millennials say that they regularly drink tea0%
Increase in volume of green tea consumed since 20040%
Amount of teas consumed that is black tea0%
Homes that have some form of tea found in them0%

“pure. healthy. convenience.”

Our tagline and motto—we chose it for a reason. Water Elephant sells only real food with real ingredients, and the purest waters and teas available from all over the world and right here at home.

We’ve got some statistics for you.

Billion Dollar Industry

According to Nielsen’s most recent global survey on the topic, Snack Attack, snacking will grow to be a $375 billion worldwide industry.

Snacks Per Day

The average number of snacks consumed by Americans rose 47% to 3 per day compared to just 1.9 in 2010.

Recommended Calories

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests snacking takes discipline, and a snack should be under 200 calories.

Percentage Snacking Daily

94% of Americans are snacking daily while 64% snack multiple times per day. 59% look for fewer ingredients.

Water Elephant Infographic

Water Elephant Infographic