Water—and the collecting of water—used to be a community experience. In many corners of the world, it still is. But flowing water from our taps usually means we’re more disconnected from our water—and our neighbors—than we are tied to them. We don’t know what’s in our water and we don’t know each other.

Maybe we’ll occasionally fill a jug of water outside the grocery store or grab bottled water from the gas station, but we don’t stop to talk. We don’t educate each other. We don’t think about what we put into our bodies within a greater context and a common concern for the health of people everywhere.

That’s the convenience store mentality that we’re used to, after all: instant gratification, vice, and self-interest. An immediate fix without consideration of the long-term impact. An exchange of cash for candy bar without a human exchange to go with it. We don’t believe in that.

At Water Elephant, we believe in connection—the same kind elephants experience when they visit the watering hole together. We purify water on site because we want to be part of the process—and because we care about what goes into our bodies—and yours. Educating our community about personal health, the environment, human & animal rights, and global issues is a core part of our mission.

We believe that convenience doesn’t need to come at the cost of health. That’s why everything we offer at Water Elephant is stripped of the stuff of the stuff you’d find in a typical convenience store. You’ll only find water, drinks, and snacks that are pure and simple—and yes, convenient. We believe that what you put in your body should be uncomplicated. By doing most of the work for you, we’ve also made decision-making uncomplicated.

We’re not just a water store. We’re a hub. When you visit us, we encourage you to not just fill up on water and healthy snacks, but on community and a better sense of what “healthy” really means.

Collect your pure water alongside neighbors—and hopefully, alongside friends. We can’t wait to meet you.