Pure Water

“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” -Toni Morrison

We love this quote. It captures our most fundamental intention: to help water return to its pure, unadulterated state.

The City of Austin has very highly-rated water by the EPA, but there are still contaminants at a “safe level” in our water. By going through additional water purification and filtering processes, Water Elephant is able to provide truly pure, truly safe, truly great-tasting water. We use a combination of reverse osmosis, filters, and water treatment formulated by commercial water treatment professionals to fit the profile of our Austin water.

Whether you bring your own jug in, or purchase a new one from our selection of water containers, we will clean, rinse, and sanitize the bottle before filling and capping. In addition to the water containers, we also sell water-dispensing solutions. We have you covered with stand up water coolers, crock dispensers that sit on a counter or has it’s own stand , countertop and standup, dispensers for the refrigerator, and travel mugs and bottles.

We also have pre-filled water cold and ready to go.

  • Gallons
  • Half gallons
  • Half liter, singles and case pack
  • Bottled water, 16 ounce singles and case pack

Oh—and don’t worry about heavy lifting—we’ll help you carry your water to the car.