How Do You Eat Healthy on the Road?

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  • We’re On-the-Go and Eating Out More Than Ever Before


    • Who’s eating out at least once a week?
          • 53% of Millennials
          • 43% of the entire population
    • How many times do we grab a bite outside of the home per month?
        • Millennials: 9.7
        • Gen X: 8.4
        • Baby Boomers: 8.2
      • Eating out is no longer saved just for special occasions
      • Average of 16 occasions to eat out per month
        • 14: Everyday occasions
        • 2: Special occasions


  • Younger Americans Are Embracing Healthier Eating Options


    • What do Millennials define as healthy?
      • “Healthy” ultimately means fresh, less processed, and fewer artificial ingredients
      • Previous generations cared more about less calories and fat
    • “Healthy” Across the Generational Divide


  • The Generation Gap on the Importance of Buying “Healthy”


  • Millennial Eating Habits Are Changing the Game


  • The line between meals and snacks is blurring
    • Millennials are more than 2X as likely than other generations to grab snacks between meals
    • In 2014, snack sales soared to $374 billion around the globe
  • Younger consumers are more likely to shop at specialty health food stores
    • 69% of Gen Z
    • 70% of Millennials
    • 51% of Baby Boomers
    • 43% of Silent Generation
    • Food is an adventure
      • 40% of Millennials report that they want to try new kinds of ethnic cuisines and “anything new and different”
      • Compared to 34% and 32% of Gen X and Baby Boomers
    • Convenience, freshness, and time is of the essence
      • Millennials are more likely to purchase healthy, frozen/pre-packaged foods and spice them up with fresh ingredients and seasonings
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